Health benefits

By choosing our fish soups and seafood rillettes, you are choosing natural foods that are good for your health.

We cook "oily" fish such as mackerel, sardines or salmon and a range of shellfish that are rich in trace elements: scampi, crabs, wild lobster.

Our products have high fish contents, up to 72% for some soups, to preserve the authentic taste of the products we prepare.



Nutritional value of fish

Fish is now considered an essential "health food". A source of protein and essential fatty acids, fish has excellent energy value. Fish flesh contains 15 to 24% protein, as much as meat, but what differs is the quality and type of lipids contained in fish.

The quantity of these lipids varies greatly, between 0.5% and 20% and is different depending on species. We can distinguish:

•    Lean fish, which contains between 0.5% and 2% of lipids. This category includes fish such as cod, pollock, haddock, dab, whiting, sole and trout.
•    Medium-oily fish that contains between 2% and 10% lipids. It includes swordfish, herring, mackerel and fresh tuna.
•    Oily fish such as eel, sardine, salmon, contains over 10% lipids.

Unlike meat lipids, fish lipids, which are poly-unsaturated fatty acids, are better absorbed by the body.

In addition to protein and lipids, sea fish contains mineral salts such as iodine, manganese and cobalt.

The health benefits of seafoods

It is widely recognised that eating fish is healthy. It is particularly recommended to eat oily fish for their poly-unsaturated fatty acids, known as Omega 3.
Omega 3 fatty acids in fish are known to preserve cognitive function: memory, problem solving, arithmetic and spatial awareness, research and analysis, and their anti-inflammation effect.
Moreover, eating oily fish protects the heart and heart function. A study published in 2006 in the medical journal Jama highlights the health benefits of fish: eating fish once or twice a week reduces total mortality by 17% and heart disease-related deaths by 36%. Fish contains a large number of healthy vitamins and trace elements:

oligo elements and minerals in fish•    Vitamin A: good for eyesight, to maintain levels of photosensitive pigment in the eyes.
•    Vitamins B and D: combined with phosphorus, they increase energy and tone, and favour growth
•    Vitamins E and B are, with selenium, efficient to fight stress
•    Vitamins D, E and B12 are good for clear skin, when combined with Omega 3.
•    Phosphorus: with calcium, it is the main components in bones. A 100g portion of fish provides 150 to 350 mg of phosphorus for the body.
•    Omega 3 and anti-oxidants: intellectual development:
•    Selenium: powerful anti-oxidant, it prevents cell aging



Fish prepared by La Sablaise

LA SABLAISE has selected certain species of fish for their nutritional qualities, and uses them as there are sufficient quantities to not deplete natural reserves.

Gamme rillettes gourmandes
In our rillettes, soups and cream soups, we use the following species: 

  • Fish from fisheries: herring, mackerel, sardines, anchovies, lobster, Scallops, scampi, Pacific salmon, albacore tuna, crab

  • Farmed fish: Organic trout, organic salmon

Enjoy the benefits of seafood with our products and discover the variety of flavours from our region.