Vintaged sardine mousse with lemon and chivesVintaged sardine mousse with lemon and chives

Ingredients for 4 people

•    1 tin of La Sablaise vintaged sardines
•    1 bunch of chives
•    Half a tomato
•    Half a lemon
•    3 cl of 30% fat liquid cream
•    Salt and ground pepper


•    Finely slice the chives, keeping a few herbs whole for decoration.
•    Chop the half tomato into small cubes for decoration
•    Squeeze half a lemon
•    Open the box of vintaged sardines and pour the contents of the box with the oil into a blender, then add the lemon juice (without the pips)
•    Blend for approximately one minute. Important: once blended, you will no longer see or feel the bones
•    Add the liquid cream and season with pepper and salt.
•    Set aside in a bowl, add the chives and mix well
•    Serve in glasses or on bread and decorate with tomato cubes and whole chives


Serve the glasses chilled or spread a 2mm layer on each piece of toasted bread.