About us

 The Conserverie La Sablaise is a family business established for 25 years in Olonne sur Mer close to Les Sables d'Olonne port on the Atlantic coast. We produce a wide range of delicious seafood specialities: fish soups, fish rillettes, fish fillet marinades, sauces for fish and shellfish.

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Our company, the last workshop producing fish soups and rillettes in the Olonne area, preserves the traditions of the trade. Each product is made using hand-crafting techniques lending the product a unique flavour.

The adventure began in our restaurant in Les Sables d'Olonne, where we serve our delicious fish soup. The Conserverie was inspired by our trade as chef-restaurateurs and our desire to preserve regional traditions, perpetuated by fishermen's wives.

la sablaise's CEOWelcome to our website, I am delighted to see you here. I invite you to explore our products as well as discover our skills and the know-how of the men and women who create LA SABLAISE products every day.

Marie Bevillon
Chief Executive Officer


The history of La Sablaise

1983: It is the story of Gilles MARTINEAU, chef and restaurant owner in Les Sables d'Olonne, who cooked fish soup in the winter, which he served to customers in the summer. It all started in a creperie in les Sables d'Olonne.  It was so successful that his sons joined the business to sell this family recipe, leading to the creation of LA SABLAISE company in 1990.

1990: Creation of the P.S.M.A Limited Company: Plats et Soupes Martineau Artisanales. The company moved to the Château d'Olonne, where it developed for the first few years. A range of fish rillettes was created to complement the fish soups.

2001: After meeting Thierry THOMAZEAU, a fisherman, we developed a recipe which we are the last to produce: anchovy marinades. Now we also produce sardine and mackerel marinades.

plant of la sablaise company2003: LA SABLAISE invests in a new production site with a surface area of 1200 sqm, meeting HACCP standards, to manufacture its products.

New members of staff are recruited, bringing the total payroll to 12 employees.


2009: Creating the range of organic products certified by ECOCERT. LA SABLAISE is sold in the national BIOCOOP network. A great reward for the company, which has always fostered natural values for its products, since they have never needed colouring, thickeners, flavourings and preservatives to taste delicious!

gourmet rillettes la sablaise
: LA SABLAISE expands its grocery and fresh range with original products: the arrival of the "Gourmet" range.

The range has no equivalent on the seafood market in large and medium-sized stores (17 soups, 19 types of rillettes, 12 marinades).


2013: PSMA LA SABLAISE continues to develop and invest in export markets: sold in Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, UK, Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Ranges adapted to foreign customers' tastes.

2016: The company is still a family business. Its turnover amounts over €2.700K and it employs 20 members of staff. The range, which was first made up of fish soups in jars, has now been expanded and includes one hundred products, fish rillettes, marinated fish fillets and sauces, which are still strongly rooted in tradition.
To Life, to the Sea!

"Made in France" quality

Our purpose is to perpetuate traditions while creating innovative products. We challenge ourselves to produce delicious and authentic products that contain no colouring, preservatives, thickeners or flavour enhancers.

We commit to offering products with high fish and shellfish contents (up to 72%).
We are proud to defend the quality of our products made with fish from sustainable and managed Regional and French fisheries (MSC certified).

quality made in france la sablaise

Raw materials are transformed in Olonne-sur-Mer, so our products are 100% made in France! 

Our label "made in France" on our products is our commitment as manufacturers to customers and consumers.

Quality Control

Our quality manager constantly supervises the quality process and controls health and safety standards (HACCP), to make sure that we do not disappoint our customers.

Our products are made traditionally, and each stage in production is carefully followed. Each batch is tracked at all stages of production: weighing, cooking and packaging, with complete accountability. We taste during cooking, before and after packaging, to guarantee unbeatable quality.
We listen to our clients and final consumers. Everytime we receive feedback, we carefully take note, aiming for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Well recognised traditional know-how

LA SABLAISE teams have skills that have been honed over 20 years of experience. Our employees have the qualifications and skills specific to each type of product: chefs, filleters.
Our chefs bring all their know-how in the preparation and manufacturing of our ranges, guaranteeing an authentic taste and constant quality.

marinade production team la sablaise
Our marinade production team requires specialist skills in fish filleting.

Fish such as anchovies and sardines are prepared by hand, to preserve the organoleptic qualities, the appearance and the product. 

Find out more about the manufacturing of marinades

A modern production unit

LA SABLAISE conpany has a modern and automated production unit that takes care of all processes from cooking to sterilisation, guaranteeing maximum health and safety. Our Quality Department carries out regular checks at all stages of the manufacturing process using the HACCP method (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

making fish soups la sablaise marinade production team la sablaise packing fish marinades la sablaise

The flexibility of our production tool with our three autoclaves enables us to create many recipes. Our range of cooking pots enables great flexibility and reactivity to meet demand that varies between 500 and 10000 pots a day. Our manufacturing and packaging workshops perfectly meet our needs.

We control all the stages in the manufacturing of our products, whether they are sterile or pasteurised preparations:
•    Soup cooking workshop
•    Filling and capping line with a capacity of 3000 to 10000 units a day
•    Preparation and packaging workshop for fish marinades
•    Cooking and packaging pasteurised sauces
•    Packaging lines

Our 1200 sqm factory (workshop and warehouse) is organised in the order of production. Nothing is left to chance and we have optimised our organisation.

Creativity at the service of our clients

Innovation at La Sablaise is first and foremost an inspiration to create new recipes that are always more tasty, practical for our consumers and have added value for our clients. Although we are a traditional company, our methods and products evolve with trends in food and the market.

research and development la sablaiseOur Research and Development department creates new recipes for our range and our clients. We can answer all types of requests for the manufacturing of special products, based on our own recipes as well as complete creations under our clients' brands.

A dedicated project team works with our clients to develop ranges that meet your needs: commercial, R&D and production. We support them from the first to the final stage of product creation: from the recipe idea, until the delivery of the product.

We control every stage in the process. This is why we place all our know-how at the service of our client's brand image.



service for professionals la sablaiseLA SABLAISE soon developed its local and regional customer base, and is now a nationally distributed brand in large retail stores, with its products presented in the Grocery, Seafood catering and Fish departments.

Using its know-how in fresh product manufacturing, LA SABLAISE has developed a customer base of fishmonger wholesalers to distribute its chilled range and contractors who wish to create a range under their own brand.

In 2010, La Sablaise broke onto the organic product market by developing a specific range with BIOCOOP, meeting the brand's specifications for traceability, origins of raw materials and the development of the local supply chain. Every year the range grows, in 2014, it included 20 products.

fih soup la sablaise
Moreover, LA SABLAISE has begun developing outside France, with references in Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany.

We have chosen to develop internationally and our ranges are available in several languages.

A responsible approach

In addition to striving to produce the best quality products, we also foster great respect for our employees, involving all members of staff and encouraging team work.
LA SABLAISE has set up the systematic recycling of raw materials and entrusts 2 tons of organic waste to a recycling company every week.

Sustainable Fishing Certificate "MSC Label"

logo msc la sablaise

LA SABLAISE has subscribed to the MSC to preserve resources, the environment and the ecosystem. Our rillettes and sardine marinades are made with fish from sustainable fisheries. The company combines Taste and Corporate Social Responsibility, affixing the sustainable fisheries MSC logo to its products;

MSC authorisation No. C-BV-670080-FR


A delicious range with organic ingredients

LA SABLAISE applies the ECOCERT certification for its range of organic products. Producing delicious products while respecting the specifications of European Organic Agriculture:
•    The guaranteed origins of raw materials: we select them for their freshness and quality from regional producers only.
•    Organised specifically for this range of products, our chefs respect all the stages of the recipes for a unique result and new up-to-date flavours.
•    Our products and their packaging are developed with the environment in mind, we use glass containers for our canned products and our fresh products are packaged in 100% recycled plastic.


Our marinades, soups, rillettes and sauces combine the authentic flavour of seafood and the high standards required by organic certification. Initially stocked in the leading French organic shop network, our products quickly became successful with the main organic stores on the market.

organic range la sablaise