bouillabaise à ma façon

My bouillabaisse fish soup

Ingredients for 6 people

•    600g of fish fillets (cod, monkfish, pollock...)
•    300g squid or cuttlefish
•    300g whole mussels
•    1 jar of 800g of La Sablaise fish soup
•    1 bottle top of Pastis
•    1 piece of orange peel cut with a knife
•    1 jar of 90g of La Sablaise rouille sauce
•     2 potatoes per person

Preparation time: 10 min
Cooking time: 15 min


•    Heat the soup with the orange peel and the pastis.
•    When it is hot, add the fish and cook for 15 minutes on medium heat (at the last moment to keep the fish chunks whole). .
•    Heat the mussels in a saucepan until they open and add them when the soup is cooked.
•    Serve piping hot with rouille and boiled potatoes