Crab spring rollCrab spring roll la sablaise

Ingredients for 8 people

•    8 pieces of 22cm diameter rice wraps
•    150g of fine rice vermicelli
•    100g carrots
•    8 lettuce leaves
•    1 pot of La Sablaise seasoned crab rillettes 

Preparation time: 20 min  
Cooking time: 15 min



•    Bring a large saucepan of water to the boil, cook the rice vermicelli until they are "al dente", for approximately 5 minutes.

•    Once they are cooked, rinse them in cold water and drain them. Set aside.
•    Peal the carrots and slice them into thin sticks.
•    Wash the lettuce and mint leaves. Set aside.
•    Prepare your work surface by placing a clean, damp cloth on it.
•    Pour very hot water in a large bowl then soak a wrap in it for approximately 10 seconds, being careful not to burn yourself, and place it on the cloth.
•    Place the ingredients on the bottom of the wrap (the side closest to you): the lettuce, mint leaves, carrot sticks and rice vermicelli. Then add 4 teaspoons of Crab rillettes (in the same direction for aesthetic reasons).
•    Fold the edges over on each side then fold the lower side of the wrap over the filling and roll the wrap. Repeat for the 8 spring rolls.
•    Serve the spring rolls with a soy sauce or a lemon dip.


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