Fish soups

Fish soups

Discover what made our success: fish soups! Recipes with high fish and shellfish contents (40% minimum). Traditional,...



  • Traditional

    View all La Sablaise traditional recipes. Delicate scampi, refined lobster and flavoursome crab, as well as the traditional fish soup. Favourite recipes that combine tradition and taste for delicious meals.

  • Gourmet

    Discover seven different soups, bursting with fish and vegetables. Original recipes that combine unusual flavours. Lobster and cognac, mussels and curry and fish and saffron. Do you like originality and unusual combinations? Don't hesitate, these bottles are for you.

  • Trimmings

    We offer several products to go with our fish soups. Garlic or plain croutons to add crunch, as well as rouille to enhance our fish soups.