Organic range

Organic range

You will find all LA SABLAISE know-how in this ECOCERT and AB certified organic range. Our emblematic recipes have...



  • Fish soups

    Discover our soups and cream soups made from organic ingredients. Our recipes contain large amounts of fish and delicious vegetables. They are preservative, colouring and thickener free, to be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

  • Spreads

    Discover our delicious organic rillettes. Plain, with shallots, cream, tomato, ginger and leeks, there is something for everyone. A delight for tastebuds.

  • Fish marinades

    For over twenty years, we have fostered the different identity of La Sablaise products, selling anchovy fillets fished in France and prepared in our Olonne sur Mer workshops.

  • Sauces

    La Sablaise has developed a range of organic sauces to serve hot or cold with your fish and shellfish. Just give in to the temptation...